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an elite challenge community

This community has closed membership and only people who have applied and have been accepted, can join. You can try here.
However, you can always watch the community!


• The challenges will be based on the TV show Merlin only.
• The submissions will last 5 days and the voting 2.
• When entering a challenge, you have to make a separate entry with a tag of your username, posting both the image and it's direct URL adress. Please no more than 3 icons by user.
Don't forget: animation is not allowed.
How to submit:

• Don't forget that if you're accepted, you have to participate in challenges from time to time.
• When applying, please include the line "it's not a pillow fight" in the subject of your comment for us to see that you've read the rules. :)
• You need at least 2 'YES' to be approved. When you are, you will receive an invitation to join.
• If rejected, you can re-apply in a month's time. Do say in your comment if you'd like a concrit, if you can handle criticism well.
• Please don't get upset, if you're rejected, this comm is to help you achieve better results so you can re-apply after some time! :)

Your mods are:
Diana (ensanglante) , Jackie (chuckeline) and Mirella (cookiestome), Daria (banjothequeen) and Kristine (ofraindrops)


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Social capital

  • less than 10